Stewart Warner, Maxima Technologies, Datcon, Faria, VDO, and PIC liquid filled gauges are just a few of the others companies that round out our monitoring devices.

We use Ice View with our Enovation Control units, Deep Sea and Datacom which use their own portals and web pages. Call us for you remote communication needs.

We are also a master distributor for Cole Hersee – Littelfuse manufacturing which specializes in toggle switches, push button switches, solenoids, pilot lights, key or lever ignition switches of all varieties.

FW Murphy Production Controls

FW Murphy Production Controls

FW Murphy offers customers a variety of control solution components for the oil and gas industry. The product line for this manufacturer includes pressure and vacuum gauges, electric gauges, temperature gauges, fluid level switch gauges, engine panels, monitors, and check and fuel valves among other product offerings.

Murphy by Ennovation Controls

Murphy by Ennovation Controls

Bailey Motor Equipment Co. is the F.W. Murphy Master Distributor of engine protection & control products, and also specializes in ignition and electrical products for the agricultural, industrial, automotive and marine markets.

PIC Liquid Filled Pressure GaugesPIC Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges

Bailey Motor Equipment provides PIC products that include liquid filled pressure gauges in sizes from 2″ to 4″ and u-bracket options for panel mounting. These products can help dampen the effects of pulsation and vibration while lubricating the movement and keeping contaminants away from moving parts.


Stewart Warner

At Bailey Motor Equipment, we supply Stewart Warner pressure and temperature switches, senders, gauges, and volt tachometers, speedometers, hour meters, flood lights and lamps, and additional accessories.


From PC&S, Bailey Motor can supply voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, current transformers, and multipower AC metering systems.




Dwyer products include submersible level transmitters, wastewater transmitters, ceramic pressure transmitters, and adjustable pressure switches.


As of October 2016, the Computronic Controls brand of battery chargers has been merged into the Murphy product brand. The change allows us to consolidate charger and DC power products under the worldwide Murphy umbrella, and continue with improvements to the product range. The rebrand applies to all current and future models in our Sentinel series.


Hawa Corporation

Standard and OEM custom electrical enclosures for industrial, telecom, datacom, medical, scientific and military applications.